FAQ it!

There is an emerging pattern to the questions we get asked about pivotlist, and as much as we like answering them, it’s getting repetitive. So we built this page to answer the most frequently asked questions. It will be updated occasionally.

What paper should I use?

Scraps of paper on your desk, note cards, graph paper or a proper bound notebook. Use whatever comes to hand, and if you’re really desparate steal some from the printer.

You might want to carry around your unsorted so you can dump stuff onto it and clear your head. PocketMod is really cool for that.

Pen or Pencil?

Really? I use a pen, with lots of scribble that no-one else on earth could possibly decipher.

Why re-write the lists? It’s painful…

To be blunt that is the point. By re-writing your lists you will be motivated to complete that stuff that really matters and drop stuff that doesn’t.

If you find yourself endlessly rewriting the same task over and over something is wrong. Either you’re procrastinating, or you need to review your pivots - breaking down the tasks into something more appropriate. If your holiday isn’t for six months, don’t leave it in todo, move it to future

What’s the best way to keep old lists?

No idea, cause I just don’t. Most lists are are on random scraps that migrate across the desk and into the waste bin.

If you want a record for all time, maybe try Bullet Journal, but be cautious, some people become obsessed with their journals and make them all fancy like.

Why did you create pivotlist?

This one seems to go hand in hand with a screed about how good some existing system is, BulletJournal, Get Things Done, [insert your favourite task system], whatever…

If you have found something that works for you, awesome. None of those worked for me (probably because like most people I don’t live in a perfect world with perfect systems…but I digress) so I built pivotlist. Simple see?

Though truth be told, Getting Sh-t Done is freakin-awesome dude, and if I had known about that earlier pivotlist would likely have never seen the light of day.

Pivotlist sucks!

First, that’s not a question, and second, so?

Philosophically there are some interesting questions about why you feel the need to tell me this, but I doubt you’re interested in that.

Besides, the first comment we ever received begs to differ - “This does not suck”.