One Month On...

Well what an interesting start to 2018. Pivotlist seems to have a struck a chord that I didn’t even know existed. Who knew so many want a productivity system that is not perfect. Cool.

Thank you to everyone who reached out with comments, suggestions, edits, that’s been fun. Even the negative stuff is interesting, in it’s own way.

So, what’s happening?

On Paper

There’s been some heavy editing of pivot list on-paper in the hope that it will better help people understand pivotlist.

  • Navigation should be a bit easier with simpler headings and a better breakdown.
  • The really bad typos have been fixed, that was embarrassing.
  • Broken links should be working, including email.
  • Tips and Tricks have been expanded to clarify some common mistakes.
  • There’s a TL;DR because some people seem to have a really short attention span.


There is also a page of frequently asked questions.


Finally, this blog is obviously new. The plan is to discuss an aspect of pivot list in each post going forward, starting with the post why re-write?.

If you have something to say, have at it in the comments below. Or use the shiny new contact form.